EDITORIAL: Football Players Boldly Protest Racism in Our Country

49ers’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick sat during the national anthem before games in protest against racism and has since stirred a lot of controversy. This past September though, Kaepernick’s rhetoric has gained more support in the NFL world, and after President Trump’s critical remarks about players who kneel, it has become a major topic of debate in American politics.  Now the football players here at CVHS are taking the same bold stance in their own protest against racism. They have the support of The Olympian staff.

The Olympian supports this protest because racism is a problem in America and it takes courage to bring light to the situation so that something might be done.  With the growing issues of police targeting people of color in America and the recent far-right rallies in Charlottesville, racial tensions in our country are higher than they’ve been in decades.  There have even been instances of racism here in Castro Valley when racial slurs were found written at Canyon Middle School and CVHS earlier this year.

The protests in the NFL received negative backlash almost immediately.  Many said that it was disrespectful to the troops who fight for our freedom.  However, none of the protesters at our school or the NFL have said that their intentions are to protest or disrespect American soldiers, rather to raise awareness of an issue that has burdened our nation pertinent for a long time.  Others worry that if the school team gets into politics it could create division and controversy to the team and that it could affect its performance, but the many argue that protests are simply a personal choice apart from anything the team does.

Players who have taken this brave and courageous path to raise awareness of a problem that has been a stain on our country’s legacy for centuries deserve recognition for their boldness whether you agree with them or not.  These acts of valiance come to show the American values of free speech and standing up for what’s right.

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