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Volunteering to clean up garbage is necessary

It’s important to keep our environment clean and as healthy as possible. Keeping our natural resources sustainable and beautiful should be a goal for everyone.

A lawyer, Afroz Shah, moved to Mumbai for a beautiful view of the Arabian Sea, but instead got a view of trash. Shah decided to do something about it, so he and his neighbor put on gloves and face masks, and started to pick up the trash. Soon volunteers and sometimes tourists starting helping out. Over the course of 98 weekends they gathered 11 million pounds of trash.

The way we treat our planet is uncalled for. It is not a garbage can that you can use at your own disposal. We should be more aware of what we do. All of Mumbai’s Versova Beach sand is covered in shopping plastic bags, packages, soda bottles, and snack wrappers. People can’t enjoy the beach when they can’t walk on the sand. This is unethical to the planet.

People need to be educated on our planet and effects littering. That just may be the issue, people just don’t know. There are 1.3 billion people in the country if India and 18.4 million in Mumbai alone; littering adds up and shows its side effects. We should as a whole learn and what to take care of our planet for ourselves and the future.

One environmental activist calls India’s garbage problem “a ticking time bomb” unless people stop littering.

Every day each Indian generates up to 1.3 pounds of garage. There is definitely a problem when it comes to garage in India.

The consequences of littering is huge on our planet. It can clog rain storm drains, cause flooding, increase algal blooms in water, and reduce the amounts of available oxygen fishes.

The impact on the earth by recycling, reusing, and reducing (the 3 R’s) is also huge and has a positive impact.

Recycling helps reduce pollution caused by waste and reduces the use of raw materials so forests can be preserved.

You can implement the three R’s in your everyday life by avoiding food waste, drinking filtered tap water, buy refillable products, use rechargeable batteries, and restrict printing paper or print on both sides of the paper if needed.

The List goes on and to learn more just simply go online to find ways to make an impact.

There is a trash problem here at CVHS also. The janitors clean up, but we need students to help out and take action.

If you see trash left on the floor, pick it up. Not only are you helping out our school and janitors, but you’re benefiting the environment.

It’s been three years seen Shah has volunteered picking trash up at Versova Beach, and nothing has changed. People still throw plastic bags full of trash into the water which goes out into the sea. That affects wildlife in the oceans and the natural resources.

I hope people stop ignoring this situation and not just do something about it when it’s too late.

What Shah did was so kind and I hope others follow in his footsteps. Shah and other leading small citizens’ movements are what India and the world needs.