Athlete of the Month: Olivia Gilman-Chun

Sophomore Olivia Gilman-Chun is a multi-talented athlete who participates in 3 sports on campus: cross country, track and field, and basketball.

She began her sports career as early as second and third grade with basketball and track and field, and recently took up cross country in her freshman year.

“My favorite part about playing sports is that is gives me something to do in my free time, and is also a gateway to meeting new people and making new friends and teammates,” commented Gilman-Chun.

She currently plays for the CVHS JV women’s basketball team as a point guard and shooting guard.

Over the years of competition she has garnered many accolades and awards in all of the sports she has excelled in.

In basketball, she was named best defensive player of the year with her team going undefeated that season. She has also made her mark running for cross country and track and field, receiving her varsity letter and making NCS as a freshman. She commented that NCS was fun and exciting.

In her innate competitive nature, Gilman-Chun expressed that her least favorite part about sports is losing, an attribute of competition all athletes must adapt to in order to succeed in their respective sport.

We at the Olympian continue to support dedicated athletes like Olivia, and root for her success as she pursues her interest in college sports.

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