CVHS welcomes new dance coach

Sierra Gordon is this year’s new dance team coach. She has extensive knowledge in contemporary, hip hop, and jazz, which she incorporates into her coaching.

Originally from Knoxville, Tennessee, she was a member of the three-time national championship University of Tennessee Dance Team. Gordon was also an instructor for the Universal Dance Association, which hosts top-ranking dance teams in the nation. As of now, Gordon is currently a member of the Golden State Warrior Girls.

Gordon is very passionate about dance.

“I’ve been a dancer my whole life and my passion is to dance on a stage,” said Gordon. “Being on that basketball court with the Warriors fans was like a stage, so I get to do what I love to do.”

Gordon has a lot of teaching experience, which she utilizes to coach the CVHS dance team. At the Universal Dance Association, she taught students for three summers from all around the country. She also taught many private lessons for middle and high school dance teams.

With experience as both a dancer and a teacher, Gordon decided to start coaching at CVHS.

“I became a coach at Castro Valley because I enjoy the community,” explained Gordon. “I also enjoy mentoring and teaching the young talent that Castro Valley offers.”

Tiffany Tse, a member of the CVHS dance team, talked about her experience of being coached by Gordon.

“The new dance coach is really cool,” said Tse. “She’s fun to work with and her style of teaching is different, which is refreshing.”

She also commented on the dance team’s dynamic. “We work very well together as a team because we all help each other out,” Tse continued. “And although we take dancing seriously, we also like to have fun. In fact, our goal is to have fun while putting on a great performance.”

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