Attention artists: The Olympian seeking artwork

Students are invited to submit their artwork to The Olympian website, This provides an opportunity for students to express a message to the community through art.

Students and their teachers can submit their work to The Olympian asks artists to limit themselves to sending in only one piece of art work. The art should be shown in JPG image files, size up to 8 x 10 inches (horizontal or vertical), resolution 72 dpi with file sizes up to 1 MG. Submissions should include artists’ names and the works’ titles.

It is a way for an individual’s artwork to be seen by the community and also shows the community how artistic and creative CVHS truly is.

“We’d like to give our artists the attention they deserve and draw more visitors to our web site at the same time,” said journalism teacher Matt Johanson.

This is a way for everyone to see the art of CVHS students. Some drawings and photos of sculptures are already found at

The fact that CVHS still has an art program is a great thing considering that the art programs of most other schools have been canceled due to budget cuts. This gives students and teachers a way to show their individuality and show the community why CVHS stands out in comparison to other high schools.

Not only does CVHS have an outstanding art program, but it also has incredibly talented artists, and by publishing their art on the school website they can get the appreciation they rightfully deserve.

Digital Arts and Design Academy (DADA) student Mirina Lualamana said, “It’s good publicity about how great our art department is and it could get CVHS noticed a lot more in this department than in just academics itself.”

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