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Homecoming 2011 goes green


Homecoming has been an established tradition at CVHS for decades and is slowly evolving as the years continue. Changes this year include a new recycling category and eco-friendly requirements for Homecoming floats.

“There are two big things that Leadership would like to continue when it comes to Homecoming: being more environmentally conscious and creating something lasting,” explained Student Activities Coordinator Nicholas Whitaker.

Each class spends all of Homecoming week constructing its own parade float that reflects its class theme. This 200-point category requires a large amount of supplies such as wood, paint, tissue paper, and chicken wire. The Saturday after Homecoming week, the floats are torn down and thrown away because these materials are not reusable or recyclable.

This year, all class floats are now required to use water-based paint. As a result of this more eco-friendly approach, the wood used for majority of the float can be composted at the end of the week.

The recyclable bottles and can drive is a new category implemented in this year’s Homecoming. All students will be encouraged to bring recyclable bottles and cans on the day of their march to gain more points for their class.

“Our goal at CVHS is to become the most ‘green’ school we possibly can. Promoting recycling with these new requirements is just a few of the many steps we can take to accomplish this goal,” stated Environmental Commissioner Su-Lin Terhell.

ASB President Kyle Linayao agreed by saying that Homecoming should be much more than just class spirit.

“The leadership class wanted to help improve our community and the environment; the best way to encourage people is through Homecoming,” said Linayao.

Whitaker stated that future plans include adding more changes that will benefit the community as the years continue.

“Ideally, we would like Homecoming to become a zero-impact event,” said Whitaker.

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