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CVHS girls volleyball team dominates Lancers

The CVHS varsity Trojans dominated in the volleyball game against the Tennyson Lancers on Thursday, Sept. 22, as they paved their way to victory.

As the game commenced, cheers could be heard from the stands for both teams. CVHS supporters filled the stands and had much spirit while the Tennyson side also cheered for their team as the Lancers tried their best to compete against the might and excellent teamwork of the Trojans. The Trojans easily won their first set with a score of 25 – 4.

Throughout the game, the Trojans always had a clear lead against the Lancers. Bumps, sets and spikes were superbly conducted by the Trojans, and the Lancers could not stop them. As points continued to add up for the Trojans, the home crowd, which included Principal Mary Ann Valles and Assistant Principal Jason Whiteman, got louder as the girls performed in unison and without mistake. Aces from Jessica Magallanes and Angela Berndt added more points as their serves flew right past the Tennyson girls. As every ace was served, the Trojans gave a cheer to motivate themselves to continue to dominate the game.

By the third quarter, is was clear that the Trojans would win. With a final score of 25 -14, the ladies celebrated their victory by thanking the Lancers for a great game and hard work during the competition.

“We concentrated on each step of each play instead of the whole thing at once, and we stayed focused and treated each point like it was the last one,” explained senior Sarah Dimitratos.

The volleyball team hopes to continue to win with this mindset as they set their focus on going to NCS and bringing back home the title of champions.