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JV players replace varsity girls in tennis match and win

The Trojan girls tennis team stole a 7-0 victory from Tennyson on Thursday, Sept. 22.  In a bizarre turn of events, seven varsity girls showed up late, so most of the match was played by the junior varsity athletes.  This high number is especially unusual considering that ten varsity players play at a given time.

Coach David Roth-Rossi ensured that the late players ran as a punishment for their tardiness.  Roth-Rossi ran with them, however, explaining, “I ran with them because, if that many girls were late, it was probably my fault too.”
In regular matches, players are ranked from one to ten, with one being the most competitive and ten being the least.  Due to the absence of most of the varsity team, however, several players were forced to play in more competitive matches than those with which they are normally accustomed.
Nonetheless, the girls were not to be defeated. Junior Melissa Young, typically a number three player, was pushed to the number one spot and won the match.
Young was not the only player to face better competition.  In an amazing match, number ten player Katherine Gaudinier won against the opposition when pushed to the number two spot.
“You had to be consistently in focus, but it was really exciting and I had a great time,” said the sophomore Gaudinier.
Overall, in spite of the lack of varsity players, the Trojans pulled through to maintain the team’s reputation of success.
Not even the plethora of male fans who came out to support could distract the tennis players.

“Young gentleman callers were of plentiful supply at the ladies tennis match on Thursday,” recalled Roth-Rossi.  “The men were positively distraught when they found out that the ladies’ priorities were of schooling and sport rather than romance and chivalry.”