California gives transgender students more freedom

Starting in January, a new California transgender law is going to allow students to use the restrooms, locker facilities, and try out for sports teams of the gender they identify with. Transgenders will now be able to fully express the gender they feel applies to them.

“We need to respect how people identify themselves,” said history teacher John Green.

Although there is backlash through petitioning in the state, the people of our school are being very supportive not just for the law, but for the students it will affect.

“It’s definitely better. More options and less mandates,” said Green.

“The option needs to be open,” said Assistant Principal Blaine Torpey.

The real problems with the bill seem to be the people whom is doesn’t apply to.

“I understand why it was passed, but I’m afraid some students may abuse it,” said science teacher Richard Schneck.

The same group that fought for Prop. 8 gay marriage ban, which was ultimately defeated in federal court, has been petitioning against the bill in hopes of a repeal. Opponents of the law needed to collect 505,000 voters’ signatures and recently bragged on their Facebook page, “Privacy for All Students,” that they had collected 620,000 signatures.

The state is reviewing the signatures. If enough are legitimate, voters will decide whether decide whether to repeal the law in November 2014.

Green believes transgenders deserve the right to use the facilities they identify with.

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