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Poetry Power: “Lavender Boy”

Heading into November, The Olympian is excited to share “Lavender Boy” by junior Lilith Castañeda. This is about a strained relationship between a mother and child due to the mothers controlling codependency,” Castañeda said. “It’s hard for parents to let go and accept that their kids are their own person and that’s kind of what this is about.”

Lavender Boy 

Oh my little Lavender Boy,

Your comforting smiles bring me such joy,

Your curly pale purple hair,

Bouncing with ever loving care,

Oh Lavender Boy sit here with me,

Together we can watch all the hardworking bees,

But my Lavender Boy careful where you spend your days,

Because very soon you’ll wither and decay,

Little lavender boy you left me so quick,

Why was it them you had to pick,

Lavender boy will our eyes meet once more,

Or will you desert me and leave my heart oh so sore,

My sweet Lavender Boy where are you off to,

Are you going to leave to find someone better and new,

My little Lavender Boy please just stay,

Or you’ll leave me hurting for days and days,

I’m begging you on my hands and knees

Can’t you just stay for me please?