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Education must be more financially accessible

Extending free education from preschool to college is something that needs to be done to help students in America. According to a report by Recovery: Job growth and education requirements through 2020, 65 percent of jobs require education after high school, therefore education should be accessible to all no matter their economic status. 

Roughly six out of 10 jobs require education after high school, therefore a degree can determine a person getting a high-paying job or not. Statistics show that men with bachelor’s degrees earn approximately $900,000 more in median lifetime earnings than high school graduates. On the other hand, women with bachelor’s degrees earn just $630,000 more than those without degrees.

Although paying for college may not be a problem for all, the working class suffers from this, making it unaffordable for students to earn a degree or get any other education after graduating high school. In other cases, students are buried in debt from their time at college, interfering with other expenses that can provide stability in adulthood like buying a car or a home, saving for retirement, or having their school debt fall on the shoulders of their parents and/or grandparents. 

Being a high school student can be very stressful. Students already deal with classwork, homework, sports and extracurricular activities, a social life, getting enough sleep, and much more. Not only this but also be expected to manage work and school life as what some might not even consider young adults. The pressure of finding a way to pay for college is set on students’ shoulders as soon as they walk through their high school door, whether it is from scholarships, or through extensive work hours, both taking a huge toll and burning out students at their young age. 

Each year high school graduates have to decide on whether they want or, most importantly, can go to college. Students need to overcome many obstacles before deciding to attend college, however, money should not be one of them.