Transition to in-person school

Trojans returned to campus full-time on Aug. 10, 2021. For many, this was an experience filled with joy, excitement, and utter angst. Having not attended in-person classes for over a year, I felt like a freshman coming to campus again despite the fact that I am a junior. That, coupled with the fear of COVID-19 in the air was stressful. But, the thought of seeing my friends and not having to sit in front of a computer all day far outweighed this worry. 

CVHS went virtual on March 13, 2020. Covid numbers had begun to climb and public schools were shut down fast. For many, this was thought to be a three-week break from regular school. I remember feeling excited about doing school at home. I would get to spend time with my family and have more free time. Then, after a few weeks, I would return to school and finish up my freshman year. What could go wrong?

After about a month of this new thing called “distance learning,” many (including myself) realized that we were mistaken. Our quality and quantity of education had reached an all-time low. The initial excitement had worn off and I was beginning to worry about what was to come. Increasing numbers showed that we would not be back in school for a long time. At no point, however, did I realize what a dramatic and long-lasting effect Covid would have on the student body.

Then, after over a year of decomposing behind a screen and watching our teachers desperately try to get us as much education as possible, we were asked to return. The first day of school seemed nostalgic. It was almost as if we were returning to our elementary school after not visiting for years. There also seemed to be a massive amount of people on the campus. The unfamiliarity to large groups after social distancing and then the sudden amount of people around me was jarring. 

Now one month into school, we have had 37 cases of Covid in our district, eight of those from CVHS. Vaccinated students are somewhat protected from the virus, but there is no guarantee of safety. Students still come every day to see their friends and continue their education. We cannot replace the massive amount of education that we lost, but we can work hard to keep learning and growing as students.

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  • September 30, 2021 at 10:53 pm

    I too remember the first day feeling jarring after being distanced for so long !

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