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COVID-19: “Make the most of social distancing”

No school for the fourth quarter! But wait, we are required to stay six feet away from people and still have school assignments to complete?

The coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis led CVUSD students to stay home from March 16 through the end of the school year. During those ten weeks students were to practice social distancing and distance learning. Social distancing meant staying six feet apart from others and only going outside for essential functions to reduce the chances of COVID-19 from spreading. Distance learning allows students to keep learning as though they are attending classes without physically being at school. 

Some benefits to social distancing are a better environment, families are together, and many individuals who showed great kindness to those affected by COVID-19 prevention procedures. Since many are staying home and fewer people are driving, there is less traffic and less pollution. Families have more time together when they might’ve had less before due to school and work. The COVID-19 crisis also showed the kindness of many people when they helped each other with the issues of money and food.

However, practicing social distancing can be difficult for some people since they are prohibited to go outside and hang out with friends they saw almost every day at school. There is also the issue with students possibly cheating during distance learning, since there will possibly be some students who will stop caring and begin copying off their friends. The coronavirus crisis also led many individuals on streets and in public places to be nervous and suspicious of one another. COVID-19 should be taken seriously, but is still important to help people socially and be nice. 

Although it has been difficult, The Olympian thinks practicing social distancing, hand washing, and other health procedures is important in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Some tips we have to make the most of social distancing are FaceTiming friends, video gaming together, possibly learning a new skill or finally starting something you have been waiting on but never had enough time to do, or keeping up with coursework, even without grading, to prevent from falling behind and struggle if/when school resumes.

10 thoughts on “COVID-19: “Make the most of social distancing”

  • Zachary Simonton

    I don’t think that anyone could have just ‘made the most of it’ with NO social life at all and the possibility that they would potentially spend the rest of their lives in lockdown.
    We are OUT of lockdown and I am in the A group at CVHS.
    This is why I think that whoever without a good reason breaks COVID rules should get arrested, taken to trial and if convicted then they either die in prison or to death row for murder charges – one for each COVID death, and I know that sounds extreme but I think if we did something like that then we would possibly have normalcy again.

  • Danielle Gutierrez

    I think this article is very true, people must practice social distancing and help out if we want this shelter in place thing to be all over, however most people aren’t practicing it. Everyone is so bored of staying at home that they decide to go out, but this shelter in place is very important and would help a lot. No cases in California are going up, but you never know what could go wrong, you could never be too careful. I really feel bad for the class of 2020, i hope they at least get a little reward though.

  • Ilana Brown

    Many points in this article are valid. I find it extremely important to practice social distancing, because the problem will only get worse if we don’t act now. I noticed that at the beginning of shelter-in-place, the streets were so empty, it was almost eerie to go out. However, I think people got “tired and bored” of staying at home and assumed it was okay to go back out. I am glad that the state of California has not fully reopened yet, because I know that the number of cases would only go back up. I think it is necessary to stay closed just a little bit longer, even though there are also cons of it, one of the mains ones being that graduation ceremonies are cancelled this year. I truly do feel bad for the class of 2020, and I hope they get at least some happy ending after all. Other than that, we can only hope that things get back to normal as soon as possible.

  • I think this article made some really good points about both the beneficial and bad effects of social distancing. We can all use this time to connect with our families and improve ourselves. Staying home and reducing our carbon footprint is also very good for the world. Not being able to see your friends that you see everyday at school is definitely a downside and not to mention the lack of motivation to complete schoolwork. This is a difficult time and we should all stay strong and stay home so we can help the world recover from this pandemic.

  • This article contains many genuine facts that I support of. I believe that being quarantined is a positive effect to help everyone return back to a normal lifestyle quicker. Unfortunately, some people are not taking the necessary options of staying at least six feet away from one another outside and just overall limiting their time spent outside. I like some of the tips given near the bottom of the article as I do some of it including video gaming and calling with friends. My friends and I actually did a trivia thing on zoom together. I, myself, had rarely left the house and I intend to keep it to a minimal amount. When reading the article, I became fascinated on a question, how are homeless people practicing sheltering in place? Even though we don’t see a great amount of people in Castro Valley living in the streets, there is still many people in the world as a whole homeless. Overall, this article covers most of the vital points many mention on social media platforms and on the news.

  • I definitely agree with the valid points this article has made. It is a true fact that we must practice social distancing by staying inside our homes. Some people, however, unfortunately don’t do that and they’re the main cause of the shelter in place extending. People in Florida for example, do not stay inside of their homes nor wear masks when outside. The beach is flooded with hundreds of people like it’s a normal day out in Florida. It’s definitely not a normal day and people should take precautions especially during serious, life taking epidemics such as this one. People can find other ways to have fun with the combination of social distancing and staying safe, rather than filling up public areas.

  • Jacqui The

    It’s interesting that you say that we are “…prohibited to go outside”, because we’re not. We have to stay six feet away from each other, but as long as we have a mask we can go out to walk/run and get our exercise in.

  • Maddy Sage

    Are certain social services still available to families living under the poverty line? Also is our government doing anything to protect people using food stamps from the bulk buying occurring all over the country?

  • Dylan Hawthorne

    Are people who live in homeless shelters able to practice social distancing, even with such high amounts of people?

  • sam little

    one question that i have is if we are still allowed to leave our houses for exercise.

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