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How to make the best of it

I bet you never thought you’d find yourself in this situation. Secluded from friends and family, locked in your house. Left with nothing to do, getting the bare minimum of essentials or in many cases bulking up on things you don’t need. 

Being home is an amazing thing but I get it, you want to be home till someone tells you that you can’t go out anymore.

This entire situation is unfortunate and I know everyone is bored out of their minds but there are so many ways you can keep yourself entertained. I know, you have homework. So do it, don’t be a couch potato, and get up. There are hundreds of YouTubers who have uploaded workouts you can do from home. Besides watching social media, how about you create the content instead? 

Use FaceTime or Google Hangouts with your friends. Have pets? Bathe them, why not teach them new tricks. If you’re feeling lonely, cuddle them but if you don’t have a huggable pet then a pillow works roughly the same (if you don’t think about it). 

Now’s the time to make bad hair decisions. Read a book and if you don’t have any, listen to free ones on YouTube or read a PDF. Family dance/karaoke party anyone? If they aren’t up for it, have a silent disco in your room. 

Get to know the people in your household. Don’t like them? Then how’s the lamp doing? Revisit your childhood when times were good. Cool Math Games, Poptropica, Funbrain, all fun websites that you played on. 

Get your life together and clean the house, sew fixable clothing back together, crop clothing, go crazy.

In all seriousness, make a schedule that works for you and get a proper amount of sleep. Everyone needs to stay home so hospitals don’t become overcrowded and supplies fall even shorter than they already are. We’ll have to stay in longer if people aren’t doing it so please do your part in keeping everyone safe and stay home. 

6 thoughts on “How to make the best of it

  • Zachary Simonton

    Another thing that you could also do – GET VACCINATED!

  • margarita vinciguerra

    I Agree with everything that was said with people having hard times being stuck in their houses and needing things to do to keep them sane. I’ve been messing up my hair too much over this period of time. reorganizing my room and painting things has kept me pretty busy too. Many people have taken good precaution when going to the stores but sadly others aren’t taking in as seriously. if people aren’t taking good precaution it will effect the chance of this situation ending sooner. Its very difficult to hear that the shelter in place continues to be extended but that’s why we need to understand that all need to follow the rules put in place because they were made for good reasons.

  • A lot of different people have been getting creative with how to spend their time being stuck at home. I’ve seen friends and family sharing how they are learning new recipes or looking up how to make new foods through YouTube videos. In addition, some have been able to get back in touch with their artistic side by painting or doing collages which are always exciting. Other people, however, may not be as able to adjust to such a different lifestyle of solitary, so it is understandable for some to not be as productive.

  • Colby Bettis

    Lately, I’ve been longboarding to adobe park, and I throw a frisbee with my dad or brother. It feels amazing to get out and run around. After throwing the frisbee for long enough, we have gotten quite good at throwing to each other. I’ve also been making a lot of music, playing all sorts of instruments. All this time has been excellent for practicing. Focusing on things you’re passionate about is the definition of productivity.

  • Lily Graham

    i agree with millie because although this is a very hard and stressful time there are still ways to improve them and get things in order. With all the free time we have so many things can be accomplished.

  • Anayah Tolentino

    This situation has affected everyone in different ways and it’s been difficult to adjust. Some people haven’t been taking it seriously and while places that need to stay open are risking themselves so that we’re allowed to buy essentials. Hospitals especially are overwhelmed and working to the best of their ability to deliver the best care. With that said, it’s definitely important to do what we’re told and distance ourselves.

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