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The dangers of the road as a teen

I’m a relatively new driver, so every day I see the dangers of the road. I would consider myself to be a safe driver, but I’m not worried about how I drive. I’m more worried about how everybody else is driving. People can be reckless, so it’s important to always be cautious in order to avoid dangerous situations. How many times have you seen someone run a red light, speed down the street, or even just forget to use a turn signal? Probably more than you can count, and this proves my point. Driving is dangerous. 

Now, I’m not trying to discourage anyone from driving, but I think people should know the risks. Personally, I love driving. I think it’s fun, and it’s nice to be in control of the car. But I always pay attention when I’m in a car, even as a passenger. I think it’s a good habit to have. 

It’s important to develop safe driving habits like checking your mirrors and using your blinkers, so when you’re driving you don’t even think about doing them. This makes driving easier and safer for everyone because people are doing the right things. People learning new safe driving habits can help to reduce reckless driving and accidents. 

One really bad driving habit is texting or just using your phone in general while you are driving. This is terrible because it causes so much dangerous and distracted driving. I’ve seen or heard of too many car crashes because of people on their cell phones. I try to never use my phone when I drive, but if it’s really important, I will pull over before I pick up the phone. Whatever is on my phone is probably less important than my safety or the safety of the people around me. 

I don’t think anyone actually wants to get into a car accident because everyone knows that they are dangerous. You can get hurt and you can hurt other people, so why risk it?

One thought on “The dangers of the road as a teen

  • Colby Bettis

    Things happen fast while you’re behind the wheel. There is so much happening around you while you are typing a text message, looking down for those five seconds has meant life or death for many. It is the driver’s responsibility to drive safely. If your attention is on your phone, you are most likely not driving safely and are more likely to hurt or even kill others. Many of the times I observe people driving horribly (or stopped in front of a green light), I also observe that they more likely than not have a phone in their hand.
    -Colby Bettis

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