PE testing suspended with revisions in sight

CVHS Class of 2022 students (currently sophomores) have been able to raise their fitness testing scores from last year’s Class of 2021 slump. This time around, the Trojans seem to have increased their scores in flexibility, but still need an overall 15.6 percent increase in body composition. 

This year the Trojans made a positive comeback as only 58 students were categorized in the “Health Risk” category for body composition compared to last year’s 116 students. The test administered to fifth, sixth, and ninth graders is a regular PE task to complete for the incoming freshmen. With scores down in the dumps last year for the class of 2021, the 2022 class made a comeback. 

These scores are only part of the overall California fitness testing system. Gov. Gavin Newsom though has recently announced his intentions to put the testing on hiatus for a three year break. Newsom believes that the test is discriminatory towards gender as it categorized students as only female and male to be placed amongst other students for data. 

“I feel like the test is pointless. You can cancel the test since it’s not inclusive of the genders. It seems really pointless to do them in the first place anyways, it wastes time.” commented sophomore MJ Kaeley. 

Three different PE teachers declined to comment. 

Newsom also believes the test is discriminatory towards students with disabilities. After parents raised their concerns with the testing and its common assumptions of its subjects, Newsom has put forth the testing for its three year suspension. 

Newsom and his finance spokesperson say that they are looking for ways the test can be adjusted to fit all students in schools. Newsom also requests that by November 2022 new data received to propose a new test or alternatives. 

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