San Francisco photographer breaks all the rules of today’s fashion standards

Wear what you want, it’s 2017! No longer do we carry the burden of being condemned based on the way we dress. We should all embrace our creative freedom and flow with the progressiveness of our time.  

San Francisco photographer Devlin Shand is using his creative freedom to implement a genderless fashion industry as the new standard.

Shand first began wearing women’s clothing on a regular basis because it made him feel good and empowered him greatly.

“At first I was dressing this way because it felt good,” said Shand.

After a while, Shand realized that he could use his confidence and fearless attitude towards the world by exposing people to a more open way of thinking. He was inspired by the way people react to seeing something so different and limitless.

“It’s fun to play with people’s ideas of normalcy. As we are moving into the future I want to use it as an act of resistance,” said Shand.

I applaud Shand for his forward thinking and his bold approach towards fashion. In these modern times why should the individualists of the world be restricted to a single gender wardrobe?

Here is how I see it: a shirt is a shirt, a shoe is a shoe, so on and so forth. All labels do for society is confine us as individuals. Positively expressing ourselves is one of the most important ideals of life.

As long as freedom of expression is not considered a social norm we will continue to be a close minded society. Dress for yourself while respecting the way others choose to express themselves. This is fashion for the modern civilian.

2 thoughts on “San Francisco photographer breaks all the rules of today’s fashion standards

  • October 16, 2017 at 10:00 am

    I definitely agree with you and the idea that everyone should have that confidence in their fashion. Fashion is one of those things that allows a person to express themselves for who they are.

  • October 16, 2017 at 9:32 am

    I really appreciate that you embrace the liberty of personal definition via fashion. Should you choose to, your sense of fashion could really impact how you empower yourself and others.

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