Spring break; second semester’s much-needed vacation

Real life doesn’t imitate TV, and this is especially true with spring break. Most kids plan to stay home and don’t go to Cancun and come back with a sea of regrets and bad decisions. But even for those who do leave, they aren’t partying it up in the way VH1 or MTV suggests.

Las Vegas seems to be a popular getaway all throughout the year. Two students, Maddy Olivetti and Amanda Huerta are both planning to spend their break in Las Vegas.

“I’m going for my birthday. I didn’t want to have a huge party for my sixteenth birthday,” said Olivetti. She plans on driving over to the Nevada desert with her family for a fun-filled celebration vacation.

“We’re going just because. But there’s no way we’re driving out there!” said Huerta.

It seems they’re both in for a wonderful vacation. Another student said she was going to go snowboarding for the break.

“There probably won’t be very much snow but I’m taking advantage of everything I can,” Kira Evers stated enthusiastically. She is determined to hit the slopes and terrain park for some good times.

The majority of students are staying home to do what they do best: relax.

“I’m going to sleep, and then sleep some more,” said Julian Trevizo. Despite the fact he isn’t doing anything special, he still can’t wait for the long-awaited break.

People are spending their break doing things all across the board. Some people are even travelling so far as to be outside of the country. No matter what students are doing the school-free week, spring break is still the best thing to happen in the second semester.


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