Issues with youtube

Fluctuating subscriber counts? Randomly unsubscribed from people you were subscribed to? Your favorite YouTuber’s videos not showing up in the subscription box? These are only a few of the many technical issues with YouTube.

YouTube is a social media platform that was co-founded by Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim, and Steve Chen in 2005. It is a video sharing website where users can view, upload, and share videos.

YouTube is constantly making changes to its mobile platform. To be able to compete with other video streaming platforms, YouTube often changes its site, and users constantly have to get used to differences.

Ongoing issues of the recent months included videos not showing the correct view count, YouTube automatically demonetizing videos, and viewers not receiving the notification that someone uploaded a video.

As a frequent YouTube watcher, I am currently subscribed to 325 channels. On average, around 30 to 40 videos get uploaded and put in my subscription box every day. I don’t watch every single one, but I do watch around three to four hours worth of videos a day.

Something that is especially annoying to me is when I find out that I’m no longer subscribed to someone. Another thing that gets quite irritating is when someone uploads but their video does not show up in my subscription box. Many YouTubers have told their viewers to turn on notifications for them. The bell icon that can be found next to the subscribe button is the “new” subscribe button that ensure that you’ll see videos.

I know many content creators are annoyed by the issue because for most, making and uploading YouTube videos is their only source of income. If their video is not reaching all their subscribers, it could hurt them financially. And if a video gets de-monetized, they can contact Google about it, but it can take up to a week or longer to resolve, and by that time the optimized viewing slot for a video has passed.

I started watching YouTubers in 2012. Since then, many changes have occurred, but as YouTube has become a staple for so many of us, I doubt that the platform’s popularity will drop, even with so many issues. Despite it being annoying at times, YouTube is a great platform that won’t leave anytime soon.

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