Athlete of the month: Krystyna Allman

Junior Krystyna Allman has had a craze for playing softball, loving the sport and training for it since the start of kindergarten. She now pitches and plays outfield for the CVHS varsity softball team.

There is no doubt about her level of dedication. She decided early on that softball would be her sole focus in sports, and has proven to be a fun-loving and passionate asset to the team.

“I’ve never really played any other sport seriously…not past second grade,” said Allman.

So far, Allman has pitched a total of 60.1 innings and struck out 48 people, statistics that are well above the national average.

“My favorite memory is last year at nationals when my travel team got to the final day of the tournament after beating two teams we had lost to earlier in the season,” said Allman.

Allman has been playing for 12 years. She looks forward to NCS and next year’s season, as well as playing in college.

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