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Harry Potter: still the best in 2017

Prepare to feel old: it’s been a whopping 16 years since the first Harry Potter movie came out! Age means nothing when it comes to superiority, however. Although quite young in comparison to other book/movie series, Harry Potter is by far the best in terms of just about everything: character development, unlikely romances, creation of a magical world, and so much more.

Every single character in these novels was written so in-depth, I know most of them better than myself (I wish I was joking). There’s Albus Dumbledore, Harry’s benevolent and wise protector, seen as a role model, yet he often abandons Harry, leaving him to put the pieces together himself.

There’s Severus Snape, seen as one of Harry’s adversaries throughout the first six novels, bullying him to no end. Yet in the last novel, he gifts Harry memories, explaining his past and why he felt so at odds with Harry.

And then of course, there’s the well-known Harry Potter himself (insert applause track), who, surprisingly, is no one’s favorite character. Harry, while saving the magical world over and over, is still just an angsty teenager, who has regular teenage problems like his best friend getting jealous, being too nervous to ask his crush to the school dance, and, the very relatable problem of procrastination. Harry is portrayed as a very real character, someone whose perfection comes from his overwhelmingly good heart capable of stifling his flaws.

The unlikely romances crop up at the best of times too. It’s the middle of a war? Perfect time to hop into my crush’s arms and give him a big old slobbery smooch. My boyfriend just got murdered by the most powerful evil wizard in the country? There’s never been a better time to sob like a baby, while kissing my new crush!

Not to mention I can’t be the only one who shipped Harry and Hermione for the first few books. They just had such a healthy appreciation for each other, not to mention the witty banter that constantly flew between them. Although the “Romione” ship didn’t have enough buildup in the movies, anyone who’s read the books can tell you that Ron and Hermione completed each other in a different way – more of a romantic love compared to Harry and Hermione’s best friend love.

Shoutout to J.K. Rowling for enriching my childhood!