Rain is the most annoying human necessity

Rain brings us water, an essential substance to sustain human life. While the positive side of rain is the preservation of life, there are also some negatives that should be pointed out.

A terrible aspect of rain is that it makes everything soggy: your pants, your socks, your shoes and your jackets. One of the most distressing places to get wet is with your pants. The wet spots feel damp and moist due to the heat from your leg, but whenever you move, it immediately gets cold. One might say that this problem is trivial and that the rain is just water and will eventually dry. Although this is true, the time that it takes for it to dry is extremely uncomfortable.

Another displeasing aspect of the rain is that it makes crowded rooms stuffy and hard to breathe in. With many people in a room when it is cold and raining outside, the room becomes humid and muggy.

When walking in the rain, there is some solace in carrying an umbrella. This tool that shelters you and keeps you dry is amazing. I feel like I am mocking the rain when walking with an umbrella. I can stand under the rain but not get wet and see the rain fall on everything except me: this is the beauty of an umbrella.

Although the umbrella is great, it also can also cause awkward situations. Once you decide to go inside after using an umbrella, your umbrella is wet and dripping all over the floor. It does not seem like a good idea to just let it drip, but there is nothing you can do about it other than just accept that you have wet the floor.

Even though so many problems occur in the rain, it is still an important part of the world, and without it we would all die.

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