PSA to seniors everywhere

As we go into our second semester of senior year, the huge hill of high school seems to plateau. Finals are over, most college apps are submitted, and now seniors are left with the daunting task of waiting. As we wait for our final year to close, we must muster the strength to keep on going: do our homework, come to class on time (generally), and enjoy the familiar buzz of crowded hallways, and the feeling of being on top of the metaphorical food chain.

Before we know it, high school will be over for us, and we will all have to move on. It may be scary, and I know that we have all had the shocking realization that we are almost adults in society’s eyes, but just know that it’s okay to be afraid. We have spent four years at this school, we have developed a comfortable routine, know the good lunch spots, know how long it takes to get to school, and have made friends.

In just four short months, this will all be taken away from us. Some of us are ready to spread our wings, and greet the next stage of our lives with open arms, however for those of us that are scared know that it will be okay. Change is exciting, and although it may be scary it is a necessity for all of us to grow as people and discover the right path. So as the curtain falls on our final year in high school, try to make the most of it. We have so many exciting things coming up this year, like senior ball and graduation. Lets focus more on embracing the change, and having a good experience with our fleeting time here.