Journalism closes book on dodgeball foes

Award-winning staff members of The Olympian proved their superiority over yearbook students in a 4-2 dodgeball game victory on June 5, marking the second time journalism defeated yearbook in their two games of CVHS history.

“Seek the truth!” chanted jubilant Olympian greats during the thrilling game, showing great pride in their newspaper and its motto.

“They lost because they didn’t have senior quotes,” Olympian business manager Audrey Manzano stated, expressing her elation for the journalism victory.

Even though yearbook students had purchased matching t-shirts and had absolutely no work to do the past month in preparation for the face-off, journalism students were still victorious, using quick wits, athletic talent and effective game strategies.

“They may have won, but they didn’t have matching t-shirts,” said yearbook student Wesley Shields-Osaze.

Good game to yearbook staff for putting up a great fight, and great work journalism for signifying an awesome end to an awesome year of writing stories.

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