Moochers, will they ever learn?

We have all encountered them before, had to work with them before, and probably all pounded our heads against the wall because of them before.  That’s right, they’re the moochers, the people who will let others do all the work and then take the credit or simply just copy what others have done.

Every time we work with them, you expect them to help you with whatever assignment you’re given, but instead they just loll around.  I sometimes wonder how people can goof off when there’s a lot of work to be done, and honestly, the saying “work first, play later” is worth merit in times like those.
We’ve all had those days where our brains feel like mush from lack of sleep or just an off day, and on those days our reactions are about as slow as a turtle’s.  On days when we’re living zombies, it’s acceptable to not contribute as much to the group as we normally do.  However, when someone never contributes to the group, but still gets credit, that crosses the line.
People in a group depend on each person to pull their weight so the workload is bearable.  It’s simply impossible for anyone to handle an increased burden well because someone else is too lazy to help out.  Then they resort to anger and irritability and by the end, everyone is unhappy from yelling at someone or being yelled at.
So why would anyone want to resort to that unhappy moment?  By simply not being a cheat and actually working, no one will get yelled at and for the most part, people can remain the happy people that we are.
I am pleading with those out there who think it’s all right to take someone else’s work when they have labored over it and claim it as their own and to stop mooching.  It’s disrespectful and it’s not too hard to assist others in the work, even if you have no idea what you’re supposed to be doing.  Then you won’t need to copy because you actually did the work.  What an idea!
I am also pleading with those who put up with moochers to put your foot down, myself included.  There’s a time where everyone has to learn that if they want something in life, they are going to have to work for it.  By letting others mooch off of you, they will never learn that valuable lesson.


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