CVHS symphony orchestra scores

CVHS Symphony Orchestra students received the second highest rating for their performance at the annual CMEA (California Music Educators Association) Music Festival on May 14 in Pleasanton.

Led by CVUSD Director of Orchestras, Heidi Dahms, the CVHS Symphony Orchestra performed three pieces. The judges based their score on quality of sound, technique, musicality, and other factors such as appearance and choice of music. The CVHS Symphony Orchestra scored in the 80-90 point range of “Excellent,” one mark below the highest, “Superior.”

The festival consisted of several groups, including middle school and high school ensembles. More of an opportunity for feedback rather than competition, the music festival consisted of several other schools. Ensembles learned about performance that day through seeing other groups perform, playing for a full audience, and receiving instruction from a conductor other than their own.
“After our performance we had a private playing clinic with one of the judges who gave us tips on how to improve our pieces,” Alice Liu, a senior in the CVHS Symphony Orchestra, stated.
Liu found the experience helpful and important for the orchestra.

“It isn’t every day that we get an audience to play for, let alone an audience who gives us comments and constructive criticism,” Liu said. “Participating in the CMEA Festival allowed us to learn differently than we do in the classroom at school, and I think that is why it’s so important that we get more performance opportunities like this one.”


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