Trojans find ways to enjoy spring break

Even though the pandemic ruined many vacation plans, some students were able to still go out of town and have fun during spring break.

Senior Ryan Watson went on a road trip to Palm Springs with his family. Watson and his family went to local shops, visited a museum, and swam in a pool. He found Palm Springs very hot and sweaty. 

The pandemic has made traveling much more difficult than before. “It was certainly different traveling in the pandemic. All the restaurants were outdoors and we have to wear masks all the time,” Watson said. 

His favorite piece at the Palm Springs Art Museum was the sculpture garden on the lower levels. The sculpture garden is outdoors and surrounds a pool of light blue water. 

Senior Toxtli Huitzilopochtli also got to get out of Castro Valley and see new things. He drove to Bodega Bay with his mom and sister. There he ate lots of delicious food such as oysters and went to the beach. His favorite memory was flying a kite on the beach. 

Like Watson, Huitzilopochtli also saw the differences between traveling before and during the pandemic. Everyone was wearing masks, he noticed. “There’s a constant fear of getting covid so you’re always putting on hand sanitizer and staying away from people,” he said.  

Caroline LeVans, a senior, was also able to get away for the week. She took a road trip with her mom and sister to Oregon to visit colleges such as the University of Oregon. Her trip was spontaneous and a little chaotic but fun. “It was really beautiful and I really enjoyed getting to go to places I hadn’t been before,” she said.  

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