“Every single day it seems people lose their minds”

What is wrong with society that every single day it seems people lose their minds and decide to take it out on the society that raised them? Why is it that we aren’t doing more to help these people before they choose to take matters into their own hands?

Recently, a mother of four decided to drive her minivan containing her and all her children into the Hudson River. Only her oldest son, at age ten, was able to escape the sinking van and swim to shore for safety. The rest of the children ranging in ages from five to eleven months all drowned along with their mother.
Before the mother drove all into the Hudson River, the family says that she called the police due to a domestic disturbance at home. If family members knew there might have been a problem, why didn’t they do something to solve the problem and fix it before it led to the tragic incident that it did?
Obviously, there are many disturbed people in our society who choose to do things beyond even our wildest psychotic dreams, but something can be done before they lose their minds entirely. There have to be ways in which we can stop all the violence and pain a sad soul can cause, if we simply chose to listen to their troubles and offer them a solution.
If people took the time to listen to others more and help those around them, there would be less of these dramatic incidents where many have to suffer for what could have been stopped by one person.
In our rushing culture, if we stopped to help even one person who seemed down on life, it may lead a dramatic change in our world that we did not even know we could make. Reaching out to people can have an effect that you could not even dream of and could even save a life or many. If we all simply took the time and cared about everyone around us, we could change the world.


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