Wattpad.com helps connect teens

Are you running out of interesting books to read? Are you trying to find a place to share your passion for writing? Well, Wattpad is the place for you.

Many authors are teenagers trying to express their feelings. Others are just trying to show the world the art of words.

For teenagers that enjoy writing, Wattpad.com is a website where you can create an account and write your own original stories or poems. Not only can you post your creations online, you can create your own book cover and add images that capture the reader’s attention. You can also add your own little summary off to the side to give the readers something to look forward to.
If you aren’t the type to write, but you love to read, Wattpad is very convenient for you. You wouldn’t need to create an account, and would still have access to all the stories. It has a wide variety of genres to read that range from adventure to romance, and historical fiction to science fiction.

The main page is the “What’s Hot” page, which lists the various genres and different stories from that genre.

If none of these stories are what you’re looking for, then the “Discover” page will help you a lot. The “Discover” page is where you type in key words or click on a genre, and Wattpad will give you more recommendations for you to read.
Wattpad also has clubs. Some of the clubs help promote the stories you’re writing, while others help you edit your story or create a cover for your book. There are also clubs where you can share your love for a genre and recommend stories.
In addition to it all, there are contests. Some contests help promote your story and might even give you a chance at real life publishing.
Wattpad is a great place for readers and writers to connect. If you create an account, you will be able to comment on stories and talk to the authors. I think it’s perfect for anyone who loves to read or write, and if I had to give it a rating, it would be a five out of five.

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