A little positivity amidst this hard time

The deadly virus, COVID-19, has been a prevalent issue in our society. From cancelling many popular events that people looked forward to, to school and business closures, people are worried sick about this virus and how it will continue to affect their daily lives. 

How long will it last? Class of 2020 students are devastated at the thought of not being able to finish off their senior year. Most even make sarcastic jokes like “having their high school diploma emailed to them.” Apart from all the negative effects of this dangerous virus, it would also be beneficial to everyone to acknowledge the positive aspects as well. 

Due to the government issued order to shelter-in-place and only go outside for essential reasons such as checking on family, going to work, or buying necessary grocery items, most people have not been using their vehicles. As a result, carbon emission levels have significantly lowered in COVID-19 hotspot areas like China and Italy. The Venice Canals have been closed weeks after the outbreak and the water has already started to become clear. 

This virus has also caused many people to slow down and think about their health, amidst all the chaos and ruckus caused by the busy lives that many have. Many are starting to become more grateful of their health and also starting to realize how interconnected we are. Who knew a virus that started in a small market in Wuhan, China would later affect the whole world? Now that the virus has been declared a pandemic and has also started to affect many people in the U.S., people are more alert and cautious about everything around them. It’s safe to say that proper hygiene has also increased.

This global pandemic is bringing everyone in the world together as we fight to defeat it. Not only that, it is also bringing families together. Parents are working from home, many kids are coming home from college and staying home from school, so it’s also a way for everyone to bond and strengthen relationships at these times of distress. 

U.S. citizens are known to lead busy lives often plagued with over productivity, overconsumption, and workaholism, with little time to take a break to recollect themselves, which often leads to issues regarding mental health and even physical health. High schoolers these days are always stressed about taking hard classes, earning good grades, being involved in lots of extra-curricular activities, and competing with other high-schoolers all across the country to get into top colleges. Although school closures do not necessarily mean “vacation,” students now have the time to relax and take a break from their hectic lifestyles. 

All of that being said, it is still a dangerous and terrifying time to be in right now, as this deadly virus spreads rapidly and many people are worried for family members and friends who may be at risk, so let us all take essential safety measures to ensure that we are doing the best we can to support ourselves and those around us.