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Sanders wins California, Biden strives ahead

Super Tuesday proved victorious for Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and former Vice President Joe Biden. 

Biden currently holds the lead with a total of 14 states and 591 delegates. Spending most of his time campaigning in the South, Biden won the support of African American, suburban, and older voters. 

Biden’s victory stemmed from key endorsements of Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg, Beto O’Rourke, and James Clyburn. 

Some seniors had the opportunity to vote in this February primary.  “It was really cool to be able to take part in our government in a little way,” said senior Jodie Ma.  

According to many seniors, the voting process was very easy and quick. “The process was fairly simple since I had an extended period of time to carefully review the things I was voting for,” said senior Aleah Wasserbauer. 

Disappointing results came to Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, billionaire Mike Bloomberg, and Tusli Gabbard of Hawaii. 

Bloomberg suspended his campaign after a disappointing night despite pending millions of his own dollars on his short campaign.

Warren fell short on Tuesday night with the loss of her home state, Massachusetts, and reported that her team was reassessing their strategy going forward. Since then Warren has dropped out of the race, but has not yet supported another candidate. 

Sanders won six states including states with large amounts of delegates, like California. 

This year was the first time voters who didn’t register before the deadline could register the same day that they vote in California. 

“Registering to vote the same day is a great idea, it gets people to vote,” said government teacher Kathleen Cassidy.