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Changes coming to CSU, SAT

College Board and California State Universities (CSUs) recently proposed new requirements for high school students who want to get into colleges. 

SAT scores now take into account the students’ social and economic backgrounds while CSUs may require students to take an additional math or science class in high school to qualify for admission. 

“I feel neutral (about the SAT score update). If you want to go to college and do better, then you do better,” House Five secretary Abby Martinez said. “I don’t think it (additional classes) should be necessary.”

Currently the SAT and ACT scores do not account for students’ backgrounds. CSUs noticed a high percentage of people who dropped out of colleges did not take an extra math or science class in high school. 

Low income students could be at a disadvantage because of the CSUs new requirements, but are at an advantage when it comes to the College Board’s updated scoring.

“For the extra course, I think it is nonsense because it could bring down the GPA of a student who doesn’t even want to go into S.T.E.M., therefore having a net negative on the student altogether. The SAT score privilege will be great at combatting privilege,” said junior Amy McGowan. 

“For the CSUs specifically, I think it’s good in the sense that students are going to be more prepared once they get there,” said House Five counselor Raul Rodriguez. “Also they are giving us enough time. It’s not like they are adding it next year or even this year, they are giving it to current sixth graders.”