Thoughts and opinions on the Senior Ball Sales List

Around 175 seniors do not qualify to buy tickets for the Senior Ball on May 13 due to newly-enforced requirements. However, they can still find a way to get on the approved sale list by talking to their administrators, arranging a plan, and signing a contract of action.

We at The Olympian understand the need to fix students’ behavior, but there are some problems with the way the administration is handling it.

At first, the administration gave unspecific warnings that scared students, failing to inform them as to why they might not be on the approved sales list.

Since much of the senior class is not on this list, the students will have to talk to their administrators, who are busy enough as it is at this time of the year without half the senior class dropping in to talk.  What are they actually going to do at these meetings?

At this point in the school year, a lot of seniors have mentally checked out and should not have this one night of enjoyment taken away from them. A lack of students able to attend would also take money away from the senior class due to reduced ticket sales.

This threat of reduced privileges may cause students to get their act together for a bit, but afterwards, they’ll go back to their old ways.

Here at The Olympian we have some suggestions to help the administration reach its goals.

First, this attendance effort should have started sooner in the school year, and without the scare factor. A more effective way of punishing tardies would be to use more tardy sweeps, or have school start later. Teachers should be tougher on students regarding attendance and punctuality, so that students will be less likely to slack off.

This get-tough dance policy should focus on students with low grades, book fines, and suspensions.

The current approach is clearly imperfect, but we understand the administration’s need to address issues such as tardies and attendance in the senior class.

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