Sex offender sought after campus incident

A man identified as a registered sex offender was reported performing a lewd act in the parking lot behind 600 hall on the morning of April 4 before period 1 as students arrived at school. Two CVHS students saw the man masturbating in a blue BMW and immediately informed Assistant Principal Jesse Hansen.

Once informed, Hansen took pictures of the car and its license plate. He then approached the car and knocked on the window to get the man’s attention. The man immediately took off and drove away before police arrived.

“The police were here within ten minutes pulling video, taking photographs and collecting student statements,” said Hansen.

Sheriff’s officers identified the man as Jian Wei Xiong, 28, of San Francisco. Xiong was convicted of two sex-related crimes in 2015.

Authorities issued a $100,000 warrant for his arrest on charges of indecent exposure, performing a lewd act in public, and entering school grounds without permission as a registered sex offender.

“We wouldn’t have been able to get anything on this guy if those students weren’t as observant as they were in their surroundings,” said Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Deitschman, who also praised Hansen’s quick actions.

“Whenever anything inappropriate is going on, tell the nearest adult immediately,” said Hansen. “Every adult on this campus that works for the school district is, by definition, a mandated reporter who has to immediately report to the police.”

In his three years working at CVHS, Hansen had not dealt with a situation of this magnitude, he said. Most cases of non-students on campus are parents who are unaware of school policies in regards to the policy for adults being on campus.

Principal Blaine Torpey sent out an email to CVHS parents the same day explaining how the school addressed the situation.

CVHS parent Tina Schrader-Richter received the email and thought it was an appropriate and timely way to inform parents. Following this event, she does not have any concerns for her children’s safety at school.

This sicko on the parking lot? Annoying. But honestly, too stupid to be really dangerous. Broad daylight, school staff and parents around, seems like he wanted to get caught,” said the educator and mother of four CVUSD students.

Update (4/20/17): On April 11, Jian Wei Xiong was arrested by the San Francisco Police for being on school property as a registered sex offender, indecent exposure, and lewd and lascivious conduct.

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