Drug use “Prom”-pts concerns of abuse

Quite often around campus, you hear many stories about so-and-so getting suspended for something drug related. Sometimes drug related incidents even occur at school events. An incident recently occurred at junior prom, and resulted in a student being taken away by paramedics. If you’re an addict but don’t feel comfortable being an in-patient program there are addiction recovery online programs.

“It was really scary, while waiting for our limo outside, we saw a fire truck come and paramedics racing inside. We had no idea what was going on,” said junior Adrianna Dianda.

Although only one student was treated by paramedics, it is clear that there were others participating in the drug use as well. Many students were seen seemingly intoxicated and some even smelled of drugs and alcohol.

It seems although the use of drugs such as tobacco and cigarettes has dramatically decreased. However, as one drug rehab California center points out, other drugs that can severely alter the state of mind, like marijuana or molly, are becoming much more popular within the high school community. Molly, also known as MDMA, is a psychoactive drug that not only puts you in a euphoric state, but can also cause dehydration, hypothermia, and many other negative effects.

As Senior Ball approaches, many are wondering what is going to be changed to ensure that another incident like the one at junior prom doesn’t happen again. The administration is looking into ways to make sure that anyone who is intoxicated or under the influence isn’t allowed into prom.

“There’s only so much that we can do, we aren’t the police and we don’t want to violate anyone’s rights,” said Assistant Principal J.C. Farr.

Students in Leadership and teacher Nicholas Whitaker have said that breathalyzers are also being looked into as a way to make sure that students are sober when arriving to prom. “That’s one of the many options we are

considering.” One issue with breathalyzers is that they only detect alcohol. This would be somewhat effective, but since there has been issues with other substances, it may not be as successful as many would hope. Anyone who is familiar with systems like those featured on https://urinedrugtesthq.com/whizzinator-review/female/ will know how easily masked most drugs are to these test. We need to find the right solution that will keep everyone safe while simultaneously protect everyone’s rights. It is not as straightforward as some would like to believe.

Others also believe that the drug use that takes place at our school is a result of lack of knowledge and awareness. What students learn in the required semester of health class taken freshman year doesn’t quite parallel to the drugs that are being used today.

In classes and presentations, the ideas are usually focused on drugs that aren’t as commonly used.

“I think awareness will be more effective than consequences. If students were more aware and thought out what could happen when they decide to abuse drugs or alcohol, a lot of them just wouldn’t do it,” Farr said.

Along with awareness, consequences also may be bigger than before. Seniors who are caught intoxicated at Senior Ball may not be able to walk during graduation, if administration feels that is appropriate.

Hopefully the incident at junior prom has opened students’ eyes and made them more aware of the effects of drugs and alcohol, and improve the chances of thinking twice before using them.


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