Students take to Twitter to make their CvConfessions

CvConfessions, the Twitter page where CVHS students can make anonymous confessions about the school and their personal lives, has become infamous among students and teachers alike. The page which at first seemed like harmless fun, has now turned into a hot-spot for student on student hate and dangerous allegations against teachers.

The anonymity of the page (@confessionsofcv) adds greatly to the excitement surrounding it. Although nothing about the owners of the page or its origin are known for sure, some information about the owners was released on the page March 2. The owners claim to be three students: one freshmen, one sophomore, and one senior. Two of the students claim to be male, and one a female. When asked if they ever planned to share their identities, they responded “most likely not.”

While the page proves entertaining for students, it can also be hurtful for others. Many of the confessions contain themes of bullying, racism, and sexism. One recent confession was among the more offensive. “Almost every Asian female driver i know sucks … Please, get off the road.” Posts like these are common on the CvConfessions page, and not only hurt feelings, but perpetuate stereotypes as well.

Other posts detail explicit drug and alcohol use by students. “I drink so much alcohol at school it’s the only thing that gets me through the day,” confessed one. Posts like this are numerous, and if true, could indicate gaps and weaknesses in the school’s handling of substance abuse.

On the other hand, some of the posts are positive and funny as well. “I’m a junior and I still suck my thumb at night,” wrote one.

Students all over campus, and even those from other schools, are having fun reading the CvConfessions page. Other students are not happy with the page, and see it as a nothing more than a platform for bullying and hate. “It’s actually funny to see others invest their time into bein[g] a hater,” wrote one contributor about those only “confessing” insults.

“I think its funny, but I think some of it gets out of hand. Maybe it should be put to a stop because some of the things being said is hurting peoples feelings,” said junior Jade Alarcon-Baca.

Students are not the only ones talked about on the page, many teachers have come under attack as well. David Roth-Rossi is one teacher talked about often on the page. “Roth-Rossi is soo hot he makes my day happy,” reads one recent confession about the social studies teacher.

“I feel bad sometimes that people just see me as a piece of meat and a beautiful face, rather than a teacher who has real intellectual things to offer students,” said Roth-Rossi. “Sometimes it hurts my heart.”

Some posts to the page concerning Roth-Rossi and various other teachers are extremely serious, and contain allegations of sexual assault. “You have the right to know at least who your accuser is, because anyone can just put anything on there,” said Roth-Rosi, speaking more seriously.  “I think the school’s hands are really tied, especially when it’s a social outlet…where you don’t know who does what.”

The administration is taking steps toward shutting down the page, and counteracting its negativity. “Our first priority as educational leaders is to insure the safety of our students, of our staff, and everyone else, so obviously we are taking the CvConfessions page very seriously,” said Assistant Principal Jesse Hansen. “We have been in contact with law enforcement in an attempt to find out more information about some of the meaner and more degrading posts,” he continued.

In addition, several projects are underway to help minimize the damage done by CvConfessions.

“There was a discussion with the leadership class of how to put out a more positive message,” said Hansen.


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