LifeBeam Flight Simulator

Senior Dominick Lee sits in his very own flight simulator. Photo by Sally Liang.

You’ve probably heard astonishing news about the flight simulator at CVHS. Ever since it is displayed three weeks ago, it flickers the interests of many students. Senior Dominick Lee, an experienced programmer and inventor, recently created the “LifeBeam Flight Simulator” in Dr. Bertram Pinsky’s room.

Everyone has a dream, but not every single person makes it a reality. Receiving

cooperation from Pinsky and essential part donations from generous collaborators

including Karl Anderson, Lee has successfully planned, run, and tested the flight

simulator, as well as utilized his software and hardware skills in a few months of

diligent work. In fact, Lee was among the few to accomplish this particular project in history of California high schools.

“I plan to use the Flight Simulator to demonstrate skills that I have gained, proving that anything is possible through perseverance and good leadership,” said Lee.

The LifeBeam Flight Simulator is a motion platform that is capable to make full rotations tilting at about 40-degrees. It also comprises a full setup of equipment that runs simultaneously and collaboratively. This Arduino-Pneumatic simulator is equivalent to the traditional “Steward Platform” simulator, except it runs on two pneumatic cylinders while Stewart Platform requires six.

As a result to Lee’s accomplishment, his simulator invention is awarded on websites such as Instructables, Arduino Blog, Atmel Corporation, and freetronics.

In addition to his recent innovation, Lee has designed the SmartRover, LifeBeam Maltens (a near-space weather balloon), and ACPAFI Smartphone app for Alameda County citizens.

Truly dedicated and passionate in the field of physics, Lee goes above and beyond. As a founder and president of LifeBeam Technology Club, Lee spends time to find innovative methods to help inspire and teach students about the world of mechatronics and computer programming.

The LifeBeam Flight Simulator is the most innovation-driven project Lee has done at CVHS. He constantly contributes to the club by sharing the new things he learned while doing programming and other robotic projects.

“I want to take my skills to the highest potential. I feel that innovation plays an important role in education,” said Lee.