Jenny Lin Foundation event held at the CV library

Jenny Han-Chi Lin was a remarkable young woman. Born and raised in Castro Valley, Jenny grew up as a very well rounded, very talented girl.

At the age of six, she began dance lessons, and soon after she found a passion for both the piano and the violin. She excelled greatly in both instruments and often enjoyed playing alongside with her sister.

In 1994, Jenny’s productive and beautiful life came to a tragic end when she was murdered at age 14.  Her friends and family were horrified and scarred deeply from the loss of their great friend, sister, and daughter. However, her family found the strength to take their loss and turn it into a lesson and chance to make a positive difference in their community through the Jenny Lin Foundation.

The Jenny Lin Foundation is a non-profit organization that educates and promotes the importance of child safety. This organization is helping parents and students know how they can make sure they are protected and safe in their area.

The foundation has also kept Lin’s musical spirit alive. Students in the organization put on concerts for young, talented musicians in K-12 every year and give away scholarships and prizes. The organization also offers a free youth music camp to encourage the students of the East Bay to pursue their passion for the arts.

The annual Jenny Lin event will be held on May 24 at the Castro Valley Library.

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