The secret is out! Kaiser Permanente reveals the truth!

The cast of Secrets poses for a photo. Photo by Adrianna Vandiver.
The cast of Secrets poses for a photo. Photo by Adrianna Vandiver.

Sophomores attended the Secrets Assembly, a humorous yet serious production to educate about safe sex and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) on Oct. 30.

“Growing up, I never had anything like this. You usually get your information from your peers and it’s usually wrong,” stated Cameron, one of the actors from the production.

Kaiser Permanente, the medical foundation that runs the show, believes that educating teenagers about how to prevent STIs in a fun and dramatic way with young actors may help reduce infections, as well as dispel myths about common questions like whether herpes could be treated and how safe condom use is in regards to STI prevention.

“I thought it was ridiculous. No one’s life is that dramatic, but I think it’s a plus when people are aware of what’s going on and aware of these issues,” said sophomore Tasha Harger after watching the production.

After the show, many kids had very interesting questions to ask the performers who in return thoughtfully answered all questions. Even after most kids filed out of the gym to break, a few stayed behind to get the truth on some more personal things they didn’t want to ask in front of the crowd.

Hopefully with the help of this very informative production, the amount of STIs will start to decrease.

Evan Kwong

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