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Renovations to chemistry classrooms improves quality of education

The 700 wing, also known as the math and science building, is going to undergo some maintenance improvements this summer. The entire complex will have the ventilation system improved, and two classrooms will be converted into chemistry classrooms, making the total count of chemistry classrooms six. Chemistry classrooms are rooms with specific equipment just for chemistry labs, like fume hoods, showers, eyewash stations, and lab table gas lines.

The ventilation improvements are being made because there have been huge ventilation problems in the building for the past few years.  For example, the entire ventilation system was shut down for examination for part of last year.

“We could basically taste the chemicals during our labs,” said former AP Chemistry student Sarah Chen.

This inconvenience and health risk to students lead them to think that they aren’t learning in a safe environment.

“ Some of the fume hoods flood into other rooms. Other classrooms are filled with dangerous gasses,” said AP Chemistry student Alex Ermakov.

As for the conversion of regular classrooms to chemistry classrooms, there has always been a chemistry classroom shortage at CVHS, and with the growing incoming student population, the demand for chemistry classes has also grown.

“A lot of students need to take chemistry, and we’ve been teaching it in rooms that aren’t set up for chemistry,” said chemistry teacher Deborah Yager.

With the addition of new chemistry classrooms, students will be less likely to be crammed into a class that’s too big, and have more opportunities during labs.  Classrooms fit for the class will allow for a higher quality of education for chemistry students.

“I’m excited for upcoming chemistry students to get a fuller chemistry experience than I did,” said former AP Chemistry student Anne Lin.

These changes will make 700 wing a healthier, safer environment for students and staff to thrive.  The school district will be covering all expenses.

“We are very grateful that it is being dealt with, and that the school district has agreed to take care of it,” said Yager.