CVHS raises money to help 14 families

What would you do with $10,018.36?  Castro Valley High School was able to raise just that for 14 families in need of some financial help for the holidays. One class alone was able to raise the most and it was Jason Marlis’s class, donating over $800.

“It’s record breaking!” says ASB President Victor Hernandez-Vega.

Fourteen families were able to request whatever they thought their family needed for the holidays. Leadership students went to the Target in San Ramon to find all the things these families needed to make it a warm and cheerful holiday.

The first things on their lists were warm jackets, underwear, socks, pants, shoes, and other necessities. They were also able to buy soap, towels, and other bathroom necessities.Since there was enough money left over, they also bought things that would have been at the bottom of the list, things that weren’t needed, but would also definitely make the holidays a little more fun, such as toys, video games, and books.

The families are grateful and CVHS was really able to shine this year with such a large amount of donations, even during such a troubling time for all families.

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