Solar panels provide extra cash

Everyone has noticed the new installation of solar panels over the staff, junior, and senior parking lots. But not all the students have agreed with the school’s decision to get them.

Some of those students believe the solar panels were a waste of money and time.

“We invested in the solar panels as part of an energy savings plan to reduce the electricity cost each year,” said Assistant Principal Matthew Steinecke.

The total cost to get the solar panels was about $6,600,000, but did not adversely affect any current school programs. They were part of a grant given to CVHS, the requirement was to use the money solely towards the solar panels. PG&E had contributed between $1.3M and $1.5M to the project as well. A solar company forwarded the rest of the expense in exchange for a share of the energy profits produced.

As a whole, the district would be benefiting from them and saving over $100,000 a year. Not only is the high school profiting from the solar panels, but also are Canyon Middle School and the Adult School, which have recently gotten them installed as well.

But what does that mean to us? How will that affect CVHS students?

According to Steinecke, the money saved from electricity bills will enable the district to use the cash towards new teachers and facilities. After checking the calculations, the district will save money for the next 15 years, at the very least.

His favorite part?

“The lights at night are great!” enthused Steinecke.

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