“Dreams and Disasters” living up to fans’ expectations

Owl City’s new album, released in August, shows promise and seems to live up to the expectations of fans.

The album begins with “Dreams and Disasters,” a song encouraging listeners to “follow the light” and overcome obstacles. It is a relatively fast song, with a fast tempo and catchy lyrics.

Further into the album, you’ll find other gems, such as a love song called “Speed of love.” The title, referring to the speed of light, reflects the essence of the entire song. It cleverly and repeatedly incorporates the characteristics of the sky and space to love, such as “Yeah I am like a satellite/sending you a signal tonight.” With a quick, lively beat, this song includes romantic metaphors of stars, clouds, and the atmosphere.

After “Speed of Love” comes “Good Time,” a song that mixes the talented voices of Carly Rae Jepsen with Owl City. “Good Time” is upbeat and has the “get stuck in your head” vibe. It creates a feeling of carefreeness and joy, and it even incorporates a bit of humor: “freaked out, dropped my phone into the pool again.”

The album closes on a sad note with another love song, “Take It All Away.” It is about a break up that leaves the singer mourning the loss of love and everything that made life wonderful.

Owl City is part of the genre called electronica, which uses electronic musical instruments, and synthpop, which uses a synthesizer. All songs in this album were written by the lead singer and Owl City founder Adam Young, with the help of several co-writers.

Before this album, I did not often listen to Owl City’s music. However, after enjoying this album from beginning to end, I look forward to exploring further into the repertoire of Owl City.

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