Deco club decorates CVHS with dedication

CVHS’s brand new Deco Club is dedicated to accessorizing the school with festive holiday decorations.

You might have seen the spooky cobwebs or assorted pumpkins scattered around the courtyard this October. In celebration of Halloween, club members ornamented the campus with spiders, gravestones, and much more. Started by freshmen Renata Gutierrez and Nadia Maciel, the Deco Club aims to decorate the campus in celebration of various holidays. 

On the Friday before Halloween, the Deco Club held a fundraiser on the stage. They set up a themed area with large inflatable skeletons and gravestones for students to take photos with.

“It’s really fun participating in all the activities, and I like being part of a positive group that wants to do good things for our school,” said club member Alaina Retodo.

Deco Club aims to make sure every student feels represented with the decorations. Club leaders encourage students to suggest potential celebrations and events to decorate for.

“We want to be inclusive to many different holidays and make sure everyone is included,” said Gutierrez. 

Club members recently gathered to create handmade decorations in preparation for Dia de los Muertos. Recently, the Deco Club collaborated with Puente and Latinos Unidos to set up an altar on the stage.

Trojans should keep an eye out for future events all around the campus. “I’m most excited to decorate for Christmas and Valentine’s day,” stated Maciel.

There is much more to come and students are excited to see it. “I think it makes CVHS a more lively place. It’s refreshing to see a change for once,” says senior Hani Liu. 

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  • November 17, 2021 at 6:27 pm

    I really appreciate DECO club decorating the areas around the quad. They bring the seasons to CVHS and adds some cheer to the otherwise mundane school day.

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