“Women of Color for Change” empowers others

This school year, a variety of clubs have been started and many previous clubs are still carrying on. One of the newest additions to clubs at CVHS is the Women of Color for Change Club.

Sophomore Aiana Pillay felt inspired to start this club over the summer due to all the racial violence going on in our world today, as well as the sexism that still exists. Alongside sophomores Taylor Fried and Jasmine Ng, Pillay has been able to develop a club with strong goals and messages.

“Definitely a big goal of this club is to just empower, especially women of color, like we can make a difference too, that we don’t have to rely on others to help us,” said Fried.

The meeting always begins with a warm welcome and a lesson on a woman of color in history. Many of these women have not been given the recognition they deserve because of racism and sexism, so Pillay and the club are working to educate more people on their lives.

“We teach people about these important women who… Many people don’t know, that our schools don’t teach us,” claimed Pillay.

Through these lessons, Pillay, Fried, and Ng are hoping to enact change and inspire people in the community to become better. They also work to make and achieve goals with these same objectives.

“They come up with goals and they do them, you know they make action. And I really appreciate that… this club has found ways to stay active even during the pandemic,” said club advisor Tina Johansson.

This is definitely true considering just a few weeks ago, the Women of Color for Change Club planned a hugely impactful SOSPOP event during Trojan Time. Their topic was on human trafficking and not only did it bring more people aware to the fact that this happens in our community, but it also spurred some excellent discussions in class.

Already the Women of Color for Change Club is planning more events to help strengthen our community in Castro Valley.

Support them by attending their meetings every Thursday at 2 p.m. and follow their Instagram @cvhswocc and join their remind @cvhswocc to 81010. If there are any questions send them an email at cvhswocc@gmail.com.

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