McMaster turns the team around

Football coach Nic McMaster was named as HAAL football coach of the year. At the end of the year the coaches meet and vote for who they think deserves the award.

“Staff of the Year award” is how McMaster describes it and went on to explain that, “We already have some wonderful coaches.”

“It’s nothing I’m gonna be thinking about,” said McMaster when referring to the award. He went on to explain that he thinks the first time you win this award might be a fluke, the second time you kind of have a sense of what you are doing and if you get it three years in a row, the coach definitely doing somethign right. For McMaster, the “Coach of the Year” award motivates him to do even better next year.

This is McMaster’s second year as head coach and his eighth year as a coach. He is also a math teacher here as CVHS.

McMaster said he wants to focus his athletes into being mentally tough because “someone who is mentally tough can make their body do amazing things.”

The Trojans worked as a team this year to help show McMaster’s excellent training. Most agree that McMaster deserved to be HAAL Football coach of the year.

“Yeah he deserves it. He turned our team around and made it so we could go to the playoffs,” said Junior Anthony Viveiros. Viveiros was named “Lineman of the Year.”

“We won because of team effort,” said junior Cody Kulka.

When asked how he accomplished this feat McMaster replied, “I set the standards high to protect the program,” and went on to say “I’m not here to run a mediocre team.”

As to what the plans are for the future McMaster said, “I’m more concerned with a day to day approach.” Still, football athletes train year round for the season in the fall with weight training and other sports to stay in shape.

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