Yearbook preserves memories through social media

In previous years, the CVHS yearbook has been filled with colorful pages of wonderful photography, but many of those events were not able to happen this year. The content of the 2020-2021 yearbook is bound to be different than before. As everybody already knows by now, distance learning has had a large effect on the way classes are functioning. If the yearbook crew were to only include pages of the school year, then the book would be full of google meet or zoom screenshots.

Luckily this will not be the case since the yearbook crew has a lot of ideas up their sleeve. One of their many ideas is gathering more attention on their social media account which can be found on Instagram: @yearbookcvhs.

“We added a lot more things which are based on social media preferences. A lot of the topics this year are probably different from what we normally cover because the normal events are not going to happen this year. We are trying to figure out what events will happen instead,” said yearbook teacher Jessica Porter.

The overall shift of content in the yearbook has changed to a bigger focus on the students. This includes the interests and living lifestyles of the students while in quarantine. Virtual club page? They got it. Pets page? They still got it. Tik-Tok trends page? Beyond a doubt they got it. These are just a few examples from the large selection of fun topics the yearbook has in store.

Students can participate by filling out google forms found in the bio of the class’s Instagram. Inevitably there are still the struggles of not being able to gather more participation since the only form of advertisement is social media, which some students may not even know about.     

“The goal is to include more people, so that part is difficult I think,” said yearbook student senior Jacqueline Thibault. 

Another yearbook student, senior Kalina Francois, agreed with Thibault and explained how the crew is doing the best they can to attack this problem. 

“It’s really hard to add as many people as we want, but we have been putting it all over social media platforms to get people to send in more pictures,” said Francois.

This new style of yearbook will also have some interesting new features. A sneak peak of a new feature is that there will be a qr code on some pages that would be able for you to scan on your phone to see beyond what is physically on the page.

Nonetheless there are a few things about the yearbook that have not changed. For instance the length of the yearbook would remain roughly 200 pages, the same number of pages as previous volumes. The price will also stay the same as before because the length has not changed. The price ranges are $85 from now until January and if students are planning to purchase it in June, it will be $90. In addition to that, many iconic parts of the yearbook like senior signatures will still be included.

The yearbook lasts beyond the school year filled with laughs and memories. This new yearbook is something to anticipate for. If students want to grab more spots on the pages, then they should not be shy to fill out as many google forms as they can!  

One thought on “Yearbook preserves memories through social media

  • December 7, 2020 at 6:58 pm

    I think it is impressive to see how the yearbook is adjusted to distance learning. I also found that the new topics of pictures included in the yearbook are interesting, and I can’t wait to read and find out what did my peers do during this quarantine.

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