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8 thoughts on “Free driver’s ed course offered

  • zahra sharifi

    During this pandemic, its hard to find a drivers ed course so its good that CVHS is offering a free online one. Its very beneficial for students who dont have their drivers permit/drivers license and those who cant afford one.

  • Kai Liebowitz

    It is so great that CVHS is offering an official driver’s ed course. There are so many courses out there that it is hard to find the most beneficial one. This course gives students confidence that they are learning the correct material in order to get their permit or license. Many other courses are also expensive compared to this one. Thank you CVHS!

  • Loura Welson

    Having a free online drivers education course could be really helpful during these times, because we have more free time to study. It is something to keep our minds busy and sane. It is also a really good opportunity because it is free, so anyone can benefit from it !!

  • This Free-drive’s ed course can help those families who want their kid to drive but can’t afford regular lessons. It’ll be very useful to not only families but also to people who haven’t gotten permit yet. After many people see this, I hope they take advantage of this great opportunity.

  • Stephy Luis

    Having a free online drives education course would help those who haven’t got their permits yet. This would be a great opportunity for us all to take this course and get our permits sooner. This is something that can benefit us and it’s also free.

  • kiyara stafford

    I think this would be a convenient thing to do for families who don’t have the money to help their children drive. Having free drivers ed is great for others who don’t have time because of school and sports to go to the DMV and get their permit. I love that we are willing to have this and that i hope many people use this.

  • Krystianha Jenson

    I never knew that CVHS had this, this will be convenient for so many families and students. I am going to be looking into this with my family and I hope that other students are taking advantage of this opportunity.

  • Savannah Jenson

    Having a free online drivers education will be beneficial to all of us being lazy at home. Having this in this time of crisis gives us something that will put our mind at work other than doing the online schooling. Thank you for offering this course and i hope many other people are taking advantage of this FREE opportunity!

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