After 14 years, Fletcher says farewell

Photo by Grace Moon

After 14 years of teaching, math teacher Dianne Fletcher will be saying goodbye as she finishes her last year at CVHS. Having taught everything from Algebra 1 to AP Calculus, Fletcher takes pride in her teaching and her career as a teacher here.

“For me, math is cool,” she said fondly.

Originally a volunteer at her children’s school, she decided to develop that passion into teaching.
“I thought, well, might as well get paid,” she said with a laugh.

“In my generation, girls weren’t supposed to be smart. We were supposed to pretend that we weren’t smart or else boys wouldn’t like us,” said Fletcher.  “However, I felt differently. I believed girls needed to be proud of the fact that they were smart and capable.”

Just as Fletcher had decided to accept the unacceptable back in her years, she has applied this fervor and passion into teaching her own students. Her philosophy was to teach students that they could push themselves into surprising themselves on how capable they were and reaching their fullest potential.

Fletcher recalled her first year of teaching AP Calculus, on how it was a success, and how everyone did exceptionally. She was especially proud of them and herself.

“She was one of the toughest teachers I have ever had, preparing us so well for the AP test,” said senior Katie Neff. She should really be a college professor instead of a high school teacher. She really is incredibly smart.”

“Over the years, I’ve learned that teaching requires a lot more patience and flexibility,” said Fletcher. “I’ve gotten extremely good at spotting errors. But I am going to miss all the jokes, and the kids. Kids are fun, they really are. And I’m going to miss all that.”

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