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Enjoy a movie with film club

Every Friday, movie fanatics or anyone who enjoys a good movie and craves to analyze them should join the film club in room 917 during lunch to watch and discuss movies like “Spiderman into the Spiderverse,” and many more.

Students like to chill and eat their lunch while enjoying the cinematic experience of the club. 

“It’s a respite from the regular school day and you can relax and watch movies and discuss them with like minded peers,” said club treasurer Paul Friesen.

Club advisor and English teacher Trent Logan, president Banoo Afkhami, and treasurer Paul Friesen had the idea to start the club when they were watching a YouTube series, “Every Frame a Painting,” in class. 

“It’s a YouTube series that analyzes films that also inspired us to watch films and analyze 

them ourselves,” said Logan. 

Additionally, Logan also loves showing films in his class and thought he would help start the club with Afkhami, Friesen, and club Vice President Miles Bardin.

Movies are currently decided based on popular votes, but will eventually have a set criteria to see the evolution of cinema throughout the years.

“It’s just a matter of finding old films that are interesting,” said Afkhami.